Monday, November 28, 2011

Ending of Season

We’ll be closing for this season’s farm visit ending 31st December 2011.  Our new season will resume in March 2012. If you planning to visit us this December, please plan your holiday ahead. 

With the new season, you may expect some new elements with value added activities to enhance your farm visit experience.  Look out for our next updates.

We thank you for your support throughout the years and we look forward to see you again in 2012.

May you have a blessed new year!


感恩大家这一年来的支持。 另外, 特别感谢这十七年默默支持GK 的老顾客。 有你们的支持才有GK

新的一年, 我们将为您增添新元素。 敬请留意。


Friday, October 21, 2011


How to Get Here?
GK Organic Farm is situated in the remote area and hence there’s no public transportation. You are encouraged to car pool as parking space is limited. Please look for the parking signage to park your car.

2. At the ROUNDABOUT, take the 3rd exit into Persiaran Wawasan

3. Go 1 KM, Turn LEFT at T-Junction (In front of MOSQUE)

4. Further 1KM, turn RIGHT onto B 17 at the traffic light 

5. Further 5KM, after GENOM you will see BANGI / DENGKIL-BANTING sign, 
    turn RIGHT into Dengkil Road B 18

6. Underpass highway, go 2.8KM, you will see BUKIT UNGGUL ECO MEDIA CITY 
    on your left, turn LEFT & follow KAMPUNG SUNGAI BUAH

7. Drive 3.5KM (& pass through 10 bumpers)

8. After all Kampung Houses on your left, slow down, you will you see GK sign 
   planted on the roadside, Turn LEFT downhill & go straight for 200m

9. GK is on your RIGHT, drive-in from the gate (The Gate is normally close to prevent animals in, so pls open the gate yourself n come in, pls close again after come in) n park your car. 

1. Follow JALAN REKO towards BANGI LAMA

2. Go Straight towards UKM

3. At traffic light (in front of UKM main entrance on your left), go straight

4. Further 9KM, after GENOM you will see BANGI / DENGKIL-BANTING sign, 
    turn RIGHT into Dengkil road B 18

5. Underpass highway, go 2.8KM, you will see BUKIT UNGGUL ECO MEDIA CITY 
    on your left, turn LEFT & follow KAMPUNG SUNGAI BUAH

6. Drive 3.5KM (& pass through 10 bumpers)

7. After all Kampung Houses on your left, slow down, you will you see GK sign 
   planted on the roadside, Turn LEFT downhill & go straight for 200m

8. GK is on your RIGHT, drive-in from the gate (The Gate is normally close to     prevent animals in, so pls open the gate yourself n come in, pls close again after come in) n park your car.


2. Always keep the middle lane or right lane 
  (Along the way, you will see PUTRAJAYA, DENGKIL, B.B. SALAK TINGGI signage) 

3. Go straight, till you see BANGI sign, turn LEFT at cross junction 
   (before traffic lights) 

4. Go straight along the road to Bangi B 18, you will pass 4 traffic lights 

5. See a huge PINK structure on your right, slow down & TURN RIGHT 

6. Drive 3.5KM (& pass through 10 bumpers)

7.After all Kampung Houses on your left, slow down, you will you see GK sign 
   planted on the roadside, Turn LEFT downhill & go straight for 200m

8. GK is on your RIGHT, drive-in from the gate (The Gate is normally close to  prevent animals in, so pls open the gate yourself n come in, pls close again after come in) n park your car.

We apologise we are not able to provide you with a GPS coordinate points as it may lead you to the wrong way.  The main reason being we are at the border of Negeri Sembilan & Selangor and hence can be quite confusing. However, If you are using a GPS, you may set Bukit Unggul Golf & Country Club as the landmark. Enter from Kampung Sungai Buah (just next to the Bukit Unggul Golf & Country Club)  drive another 3.5km in a quiet countryside. You will cross 10 bumpers, slow down after all the kampung house on your left.  Slow down, you will see a very small atap-roof signage planted on your left. Turn in and go straight 200 meters, drive in from the gate & park at the designated parking area. 

Have a safe journey! See ya...
GK 刚好处於尴尬地带,在森美兰州和雪兰莪的边界。因为位子属于马来甘邦的最尾端,所以较为偏僻。 如果非得用GPS,建议大家点击 Bukit Unggul Golf & Country Club。 再由此高尔夫球场, 经往Kampung Sungai Buah入口。 全程约3.5 KM, 路径10bumpers后,放慢车速, 注意左前方有个小到不起眼的GK 指示牌。 随指示牌左转200米, GK门口就在右手边。 入门后按照停车指示牌,泊好车子后, 徒步往office/wakaf方向走。

Warm Reminder  Please don't just turn up on the gate.

What to Bring & What NOT to Bring?

1. No Air-Cond. No Dress Code. No Ties.
Sorry, we don’t have air conditioning. No dress code, no ties required. Relax & enjoy your meal in the natural breeze from our organic farm.

2. No Perfume. No Smoking.
For other guests’ comfort, shall we suggest that you leave your perfume at home, as it may disturb the subtle & natural aroma of the food and the environment? Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited.

3. No Tissue Paper.
Instead of disposable & wasteful tissue paper, please use washable napkins. Let’s save paper and save our disappearing forests.

4. No Plastic Bag.
So, bring your own recycle bags should you intend to make any purchase. Just like you, we are doing our very best to cut down wastage and doing our bit to protect our Mother Earth. Otherwise, plastic bags will be charged at 20 cents each.

5. No Walk-Ins. Pre-booking Required.
To ensure minimum food wastage, we cook only for the booked number of guests. To join our Open Farm Visit, please call SK Lee at 012-3866078 to check on the available dates and book your seats in advance to avoid disappointment.

Less is More. Sharing is

Thursday, October 6, 2011

About Us

About GK
GK Organic Farm is located near Bangi, about 40km south of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded in 1994, GK has been growing organic vegetables, fruits and herbs using our homemade compost and fertilizers.

At GK Organic Farm, we believe that the best food is …as Nature Intended. We INSIST:

No Outside Compost
No Green House
No Pest but Insects

Farm Visit
We believe that it is important for anyone who eats our vegetables to know WHO we are, HOW we grow and more significantly, WHY we do so. The farm visit conducted every weekend is to promote awareness amongst the general public and most importantly to provide an organic setup for educational institutions or even companies an option to conduct their activities outside of classroom or office setup.

We strongly believe that the best way to know us is to visit us at least once, talk to us, have a drink or lunch with us. 

Organic Vegetable Luncheon
Yes, at GK FARMYARD KITCHEN, you can enjoy farm-fresh organic vegetables prepared in a light and healthy country style, and served in a warm & at-home atmosphere.

The menu varies depending on the day’s harvest and chef’s inspiration.  Fresh vegetables & fruits, including herbs, come from our organic farm. NO meat, no seafood, no eggs & artificial ‘mock-meat’.  And of-course, MSG free, too.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

We are starting a Blog

We are just starting this Blog, and will gradually update more information. Please be patient.

Organic regards,