Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feel the Grounding, Feel the 'Qi'

Walking barefooted in the farm has always been the culture in GK Organic Farm.  Knowing the health benefits associated with this, most visitors are now looking forward to the new experience here for a free foot massage to discharge the static electricity accumulated in the body.  

While most people mostly extend their hands for a hand shake when meeting friends, at GK the best way to say hello is perhaps to use your feet and say hello to our mother earth.  Touch the ground, feel the soil and feel the energy that flows through our body. 

This year, the culture continues... On top of that, we have also added two new elements ~ planting & harvesting activities with the hope to give you a more wholesome experience.  

First, we learn the art of barefoot walking.  "Walk like a cat, not like an elephant!" as what Mr Gan always like to share. That way, we can minimize possible injuries and at the same time increase our senses and awareness level.  This is especially true when many of us, city folks or even 'orang kampung' alike (village folks) are mostly on shoes these days.  Gone were the days when shoes are only worn for functional purpose.  

I remember those time back in my Kampung, shoes were not part of our routine.  We were used to walking barefoot to the neighbourhood.  And if we did (with our shoes on), it will mostly ended up parking at our neighbour's house or landed somewhere at the park. It's just funny (^_^)

And today, I can only see this happening in GK.  At first, some people were reluctant to part with their shoes (it's becoming part of them), and then at the end of the programme, before they leave, we will notice one or two walking back barefooted totally forgotten about their shoes, not until they were reminded. 

Now, coming to think of it, it just make sense that when we get comfortable with our body, we tend to forget what we used to think as our basic needs, in this case, the shoes lost its function.  

Who cares about the shoes when we can comfortably step on the soil and reconnect with our mother earth. Those are nostalgia, and we are glad that we are still seeing these till today, at least at GK Organic Farm.

Coming back to the hands-on activities, we truly hope that you will still be able to enjoy as much as you do.  Some may feel reluctant at first... 

"Who wants to get their hands dirty when we have the food nicely laid on the table for us?" Exactly, that's the point, isn't it time for us to go back to the source before it's too late.  Real food, real people... let us go back the basic and feel our grounding.  You will be surprised to feel the 'qi' flowing from the soil...

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