Thursday, January 18, 2018




Our Tai's Choice kitchen@GKOrgfarm weekend buffet lunch is now available for booking every weekend from March on word...
No minimum requirements...
We will take up to 45 adults and 20 kids maximum...

You can also order our fresh harvest vegetable for the day...
There also a full range of Tai's Choice farm product available for you to shop...
Time open from 11 am till 2pm. You may need to reach our farm before 12pm, so that we can satar serving the buffet together...
There will be no menu provided... we cook according to the day least 12 dishes will be served including rice, noodle, soup, salad and fully Organic...

So Bring your family to enjoy a healthy, rejuvention weekend with us...
You may walk through our garden, our farm to enjoy the nature, enjoy the flower, the  wind, the air and the food...

Thank you...


Monday, March 13, 2017

Don't think so much...



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Sunday, February 12, 2017

很開心能看到大家可以放鬆下來,难得地坐在一起說說笑笑。。。! 熱鬧一番。。。!
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Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
To everyone。。。。
Woohoo.... is time for us to take a break after Christmas。。。。
The Farm is closed for activity booking after Christmas and will be re open again at March, 2017 for farm visit, Luncheon, Yoga Retreat Program, Cooking Demo and may be some new Program too。。。。
Pls follow our Facebook page or call us at February 2017 to check its out。。。。

Thursday, December 8, 2016

今年忙了这許多,也是差不多時候放下休息了。。。創作是需要有空間的,不能一直做,一直做。。。不然麻木了就沒意思了。。所以12月以後的1月和2月,農場每年都会空出耒,不接任何活動,保留一些空間給自己,給農場。。今年的農場开放活動大至上已全滿了。。如沒能預約到的朋友只好請您等到明年的3月了。。(我們会在2月份开始再接受預約。到時再和大家分享我們2017年的計劃喔 ! )。。謝謝大家。。

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fascinating about GK Organic Farm

Hi everyone, 

I am currently doing my volunteer program in GK Organic Farm. I am very happy to be given this opportunity to write something about GK farm. ^_^

When we talk about organic farming, what always come to your mind? Organic farming is a farming method that does not use any chemicals to produce crop. This is true and correct but I would like to talk about even more surprising things that can be found in GK Organic Farm.

As we know, changes in weather are one of the factors that affect the production of crops. Malaysia is currently undergo hot season. Thus, here in GK farm had experienced no rainfall for almost 50 days. Luckily we are still being able to produce vegetables for the market. =)

Surprisingly this hot season had brought us a very good production of corn in GK farm. We are able to get an average weight of 400 g to 500 g per corn. In addition, the texture and sweetness of the corn is of high quality. We even ate the corn uncooked.

The BIG pumpkin

Besides that, you can even found such a big pumpkin with an average weight of 5 kg in GK farm. We spend more than a week to finish up the whole pumpkin. We used it to make pumpkin soup, roasted pumpkin and etc. Of course the taste is fabulous and this is an organic pumpkin. =D

Pumpkin soup

Wild Green Salad

 Let me introduce you another special dishes found in GK Organic Farm which is wild green salad. If you see from the photo, it seems like the normal green salad. I know there are many types of salad that you can make such as Caesar salad, fruit salad, chicken salad, tofu salad and many others salad. Have you try a salad mix with flower petals? Some of the ingredients in this salad are flower petals of Hibiscus, water spinach, Marigold, Rose, and other weeds leaves too. Not only the taste is delicious, the colour combination of this salad looks good too.

Another interesting thing that you can find in GK farm is the diversity of living things especially insect. Some of the insects found here is not easily been found anywhere.

Have you seen such big caterpillar with the length of almost 6cm?

Have you seen such colorful caterpillar?

Have you seen the pupae of fruitfly?

Have you seen the transition stage of caterpillar turning into pupae?

 I cannot guarantee that you will be able to see this in GK farm all the time. If you want to find out more about GK Organic Farm, do come visit us!!! Do remember to make early reservation. =)

Sincerely by
Serena Ch'ng