About Us

Welcome to GK Organic Farm,  located near Bangi, 40km south of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. GK was founded in 1994, and has been growing organic vegetables and fruits, using our homemade compost and fertilizers.

At GK Organic Farm, we believe that the best food is …as Nature Intended. We INSIST:

No Outside Compost
No Green House or Planting House
No Pest but Insects



WHY No Outside Compost?? 为何自制堆肥??
We make our own compost by using the organic matters which are obtained from our farm such as cut grass, plant residue, and food processing residue. Only a small percentage (˂ 1%) of animal manure is added to the compost as a ‘starter’ for decomposition.

WHY No Green House or Planting House?? 为何不搭棚??
We believe that a healthy plant can adapt to various environmental conditions. Green house construction can trigger many issues such as soil erosion, green house effect, and increase the consumption of plastic.

WHY No Pest but Insects?? 为何不除虫??
Based on our own experience, healthy plants will not be attacked by pest. Killing the pest is not the solution. At GK, we believe that the best solutions are to maintain the sustainability of a balance ecosystem and healthy soil condition. Thus, plants will build up strong immune mechanisms to fight against the pest.



Farm Visit are welcomed..but!... Please make an Appointment before you come. Don't just turn up at the gate. Our manpower and resources are very limited, and sometimes we could be busy, not home, and just like you, we need some privacy too!

有空来坐坐, 不过要事先预约哦!我们可能不在,也可能没空,正如您有时候我们也需要一点私人空间。