Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fascinating about GK Organic Farm

Hi everyone, 

I am currently doing my volunteer program in GK Organic Farm. I am very happy to be given this opportunity to write something about GK farm. ^_^

When we talk about organic farming, what always come to your mind? Organic farming is a farming method that does not use any chemicals to produce crop. This is true and correct but I would like to talk about even more surprising things that can be found in GK Organic Farm.

As we know, changes in weather are one of the factors that affect the production of crops. Malaysia is currently undergo hot season. Thus, here in GK farm had experienced no rainfall for almost 50 days. Luckily we are still being able to produce vegetables for the market. =)

Surprisingly this hot season had brought us a very good production of corn in GK farm. We are able to get an average weight of 400 g to 500 g per corn. In addition, the texture and sweetness of the corn is of high quality. We even ate the corn uncooked.

The BIG pumpkin

Besides that, you can even found such a big pumpkin with an average weight of 5 kg in GK farm. We spend more than a week to finish up the whole pumpkin. We used it to make pumpkin soup, roasted pumpkin and etc. Of course the taste is fabulous and this is an organic pumpkin. =D

Pumpkin soup

Wild Green Salad

 Let me introduce you another special dishes found in GK Organic Farm which is wild green salad. If you see from the photo, it seems like the normal green salad. I know there are many types of salad that you can make such as Caesar salad, fruit salad, chicken salad, tofu salad and many others salad. Have you try a salad mix with flower petals? Some of the ingredients in this salad are flower petals of Hibiscus, water spinach, Marigold, Rose, and other weeds leaves too. Not only the taste is delicious, the colour combination of this salad looks good too.

Another interesting thing that you can find in GK farm is the diversity of living things especially insect. Some of the insects found here is not easily been found anywhere.

Have you seen such big caterpillar with the length of almost 6cm?

Have you seen such colorful caterpillar?

Have you seen the pupae of fruitfly?

Have you seen the transition stage of caterpillar turning into pupae?

 I cannot guarantee that you will be able to see this in GK farm all the time. If you want to find out more about GK Organic Farm, do come visit us!!! Do remember to make early reservation. =)

Sincerely by
Serena Ch'ng